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Hey there!

Here are the next steps you need to do after your first payment is made for a bookkeeping clean up project and or ongoing service.


Please do the following after you receive your payment receipt so we can move you forward!

1) Schedule your next GoToMeeting
Click the Schedule tab where you'll choose a 1 Hour Subscription Member meeting on a date and time that works best for you!
After you confirm the meeting Check your email for your appointment reminder and LINK to the GoToMeeting, which you will use for the screen sharing.


2) Invite us to your QuickBooks Online File
If we are setting up a brand NEW QuickBooks Online File for you, then simply look for an invite to QuickBooks Online and set your new user login if we are setting up your new file!


3) Look for an invite from HubDoc and Login!
Login and connect your bank accounts


4) Once inside HubDoc connect your bank accounts.
Watch video on how this is done (same video) or we can go over this in our GoToMeeting if you run into any issues and want help on how to connect.
Have a lot of files you want to upload right away?
You can also send them to Sharefile if that's easier. Typically if you need to send us over 20 documents, use Sharefile instead of HubDoc at the beginning. Go to the Upload Files tab to do this.


5) Look for an Invite from Asana and Login.
We use a program called Asana to assign tasks and mange work. You'll receive an invite to this so you can see any outstanding tasks or things we are waiting on from you, such as the above task list! It's a fun way to work and keep things on track.


Don't forget to Schedule your first meeting and Upload your bookkeeping files.

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