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FREE 20-Minute Consultation

Are you ready to get paired with an expert?

If so, we want to be sure that we're a good fit!

So, we're going to need to collect a bit more information about you and your business needs so that we can hit the ground running when we meet. We want to make our 20-minute consultation as valuable to you as possible in order to achieve the best results!

Here's the path after you complete your booking:


Receive emails with appointment reminder


NDA sent for your peace of mind


We'll request access to your accounting file


You'll attend the
Free consultation via Zoom

After your free consultation here's what we plan to do next:

Proposal sent to your email

You'll select an option & e-sign to accept.

​We send you an invite to our  online portal   (1 - 2 business days later)

You'll login to the portal to see next steps

In the portal, you can communicate with us securely, send us messages, upload files, and see the first To Do's on your list which will be:

1. Book your OnBoarding Meetings
2. Upload Information
3. Ask us any questions
4. Get excited!

Wahoo! At this point you should be celebrating a big win!


You just signed up for expert help with the right company. 

Oh the places you will go.

It's time for a happy dance!

Let's do this.

  • You'll be given 3 ways to securely send us information.

    1)  🔗  You can upload files to us anytime using our secure share link here. This link is on our website and in our email signatures for your convenience.

    2)  💻  Once you accept an agreement and become a client, you can then upload information and communicate with us via the secure client portal. The invite to this system is sent 1 to 2 business days after you sign up for service. 

    3)  📧  You'll be given a custom email forwarding address that you can use to securely forward us receipts, bills, invoices, insurance paperwork, statements, questions, random tax letters, or whatever you think might be relevant for us to see. You can do this right from your email when you're a client.

    We get it, sometimes you just want to delegate something by forwarding it straight from your email without having to go login into a portal or download and upload things to a link.

    The custom email address we'll give you during onboarding is gonna make that possible, and make your life a lot easier.

    Send it and forget it. We'll follow up with you later in the portal once we review the files. 


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