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-We provide 3 different types of bookkeeping service:

1) Remote Hourly Live Support (pay upfront & no access to your accounting files or ongoing commitment)

2) Monthly Bookkeeping Service (paid on the 1st day of each month, cancel any time before the next month)

3) Clean Projects (50% paid up front and 50% paid at project completion)

-Your Initial payment for the first month is due immediately upon acceptance of any service.

-You will be given a prorated charge the next month for the un-used portion of your monthly service if you began mid-month to start a monthly program.

-Your monthly payment information must be made with credit or debit card on the 1st day of each month.

-Check & Cash are not accepted

-Monthly Service is Month to Month and you may cancel anytime before the start of the next month with no penalty

-Refunds are not offered after payment is made and work has begun, though refunds will be offered if payment was made up front for a one hour no contract service and the meeting was not able to be attended by A Bigger Bottom Line Staff. This does not extend to Subscription Membership or Project Based work.

-You must supply credit or debit card details for your monthly re-occurring auto-payment for service which will also be used for  all subsequent payments thereafter.

- If your credit card or debit card is declined we will pause service until a new payment method is supplied. This will result in delayed financials.

- We reserve the right to stop work and cancel service if you fail to make your payment by the 10th of the month.

-You agree to take over payment and management of any software you wish to continue to use should you cancel service such as QuickBooks Online, HubDoc, T-Sheets, ChronoBooks Back Up, Reporting software, ect.

-A Bigger Bottom Line agrees to keep all client information strictly confidential and secure.

Recurring Payments Will Make Your Life Easier:

- It’s convenient (saving you time and postage)
- Your payment is always on time (even if you’re out of town), eliminating late charges

Here’s How Recurring Payments Work:

You authorize regularly scheduled charges to your credit card or debit card. You will be charged the amount indicated on your accepted quote or order form for each billing period. A receipt for each payment will be emailed to you and the charge will appear on your bank statement. No prior-notification will be provided unless the date or amount changes.


1. That during the course of our engagement there may be disclosed to us certain trade secrets of the Company; said trade secrets consisting but not necessarily limited to:

(a) Technical information: Methods, processes, formulae, compositions, systems, techniques, inventions, machines, computer programs and research projects.

(b) Business information: Account information, Username and Passwords, Customer lists, pricing data, sources of supply, financial data and marketing, production, or merchandising systems or plans.

2. We agree that we shall not during, or at any time after the termination of our employment with the Company, use for ourselves or others, or disclose or divulge to others including future employees, any trade secrets, confidential information, or any other proprietary data of the Company in violation of this agreement.

3. That upon the termination of my employment from the Company:

(a) We shall return to the Company all documents and property of the Company, including but not necessarily limited to: drawings, blueprints, reports, manuals, correspondence, customer lists, computer programs, and all other materials and all copies thereof relating in any way to the Company's business, or in any way obtained by me during the course of my employment. We further agree that we shall not retain copies, notes or abstracts of the foregoing.


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