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How it Works

Updated: Apr 2

On-Boarding Steps

Book Onboarding Meetings:

  • Schedule onboarding meetings through the provided link to discuss the process, gather necessary information, and answer any questions.

Portal Invitation Acceptance:

  • Look for an emailed invitation to the portal 1 to 3 days after accepting your proposal.

  • Upon receiving the invitation to the portal, accept it promptly.

  • Create a login for the portal. Ensure you save the login credentials securely using a password keeper.

  • Bookmark the portal URL for easy access in the future.

Portal Orientation:

  • Login to the portal and familiarize yourself with its functionality.

  • Watch the instructional videos provided on the # Home screen to understand how the portal works. You can also find more How To Instructions on our portal on our website blog in the Qount (client portal software) here.

  • Access your To Do's section to view tasks that need completion and submission.

Submission Process Instructions:

Message Posting Instructions:

Clarify Area Instructions:

Vault Instructions:

HubDoc Setup:

  • Read instructions on HubDoc functionality.

  • Send a test email to your HubDoc account to ensure proper forwarding.

  • Save the HubDoc forwarding email address for future reference.

HubDoc Invitation Acceptance:

Granting Access to Accounting Software:

  • Confirm that you have granted the firm access to your accounting software.

  • Follow the instructions provided in your assigned To Do's to grant access or upload necessary files.

How Does it Work?

How Will You Interact With Us?

What Services Can We Provide?

What is the Cost?

How does the billing work and when?

Can you clean up my books? Really?

To see out overview of How of System works please click the PDF document link below.

How it Works at ABBL - A Bigger Bottom Line
Download PDF • 1.52MB

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