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How it Works

Updated: 4 days ago

How Does it Work?

You grant us access to what we need and then send us your paperwork each day (receipts, bills, invoices, tax letters, etc). We then take all the info we receive and get your accounting and bookkeeping done at the frequency of service you have chosen.

Bookkeeping Services: Every month we reconcile the books to your received statements and then post financials for your review (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and more). If there are any transactions we need your feedback on, we'll post these in our portal for you to comment on and upload any additional info that is requested. You'll have a standing meeting booked with us to review your financials after you receive them. We'll even work closely with your CPA to get the accounting right before tax time (just invite them to your booked meetings or have them book directly with us on your behalf). In the Bronze bookkeeping program, we post your transactions once a month for the previous month and you're reports get to you by the 20th. In our Gold Weekly service, your transactions postings are done weekly and your month-end reporting is done by or before the 15th. You'll also get weekly reporting in the weekly service. In the Platinum daily service, we post your transactions daily and get your monthly reports to you by the 10th. You also get some weekly reports and insight reports that can be customized to your needs with the daily Platinum program. Payroll Services: If you opt-in for payroll services we'll set you up with a recommended payroll solution, have your staff fill out new hire forms, enter your company and new hire info into your payroll tool, help you get set up with your state as an employer, provide you with a payroll manual, map in your payroll the transactions to the right accounts, ensure your payroll taxes are paid on time, ensure your payroll tax returns are filed on time, download copies of all payroll returns and reporting and save to your client portal file folder system. We'll also set up new employees and invite them to any payroll portals provided for update their info, download paystubs and their W2s as needed. Accrual Basis Accounting Services: You can opt in to get help with your AP & AP needs such a bill entry and payment approvals, and customer invoicing and follow-up services. We'll post your transactions weekly in the Gold accrual services and daily in the Platinum accrual services. We can also add revenue recognition services for pre-payments and retainers. Anything that is more balance sheet focused can be handled with our Accrual Basis accounting services. Inventory Management You can opt in to get our help to identify and implement the right inventory tools to work with QuickBooks online. YES, you CAN use QuickBooks Online for your Inventory management, when you partner with the right 3rd party tools! Contracting We can recommend and implement the best contracting tools to streamline your Proposal and Contract management to Budget management and Final Invoice tracking. We can implement a project management technology stack that will streamline every project you start from hours to minutes, and remove the the holes in your current process.

Expense Reporting We can help you implement better reporting and expense management tools for you and your staff. Get those receipts into a reimbursement or job tracking report in no time. We can even help with implementing virtual cards for more peace of mind when your staff make purchases.

How Will You Interact With Us?

What Services Can We Provide?

What is the Cost?

How does the billing work and when?

Can you clean up my books? Really?

To see out overview of How of System works please click the PDF document link below.

How it Works at ABBL - A Bigger Bottom Line
Download PDF • 1.52MB

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