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Exciting Changes this Fall at A Bigger Bottom Line

We have made some exciting changes to the way we will work together in 2023.

Starting from December 1st, 2022, we will be updating the re-occurring billing software & client portal that we’ve used in the past.

In order to get started, we’ll be sending all current clients an electronic engagement for all the work that we will be doing for you moving forward. This engagement will clearly list out all the services we provide and what the fees are for this work.

You’ll be receiving this engagement from our new billing software which will allow you to have your own login to see past invoices and update your payment information online.

Why the change?

1. To provide both parties with the utmost clarity and certainty around our services and fees. It’s increasingly important for businesses to understand and manage their cash flow, so this is a big step to making that easier for both your business and ours.

2. To provide our clients with a central portal online where they can:

  • View their billing details such as past invoices, engagement agreements, and current payment info on file

  • Have the ability to change their payment info on file when desired

  • Request updates or upgrades as needed

  • Consolidate communications into one system

  • Have access to a folder tree structure with securely stored documents

  • Receive better tools for providing feedback on UnCategorized transactions

  • Receive more options for securely sharing information

  • Benefit from links to other services and features in the portal to improve financial oversight

  • Enjoy a better communication & task management experience than the old client porta

3. We’re planning to give more benefits to our customers including:

  • A refreshed website with more resources and information

  • Better streamlined W9 report collecting during the year via GetW9 & QBO

  • New Rewind BackUp Service to be given to all clients to backup QuickBooks Online

  • Enhanced security upgrades & coverage for all A Bigger Bottom Line staff.

  • More Interactive Financial Reporting for Gold and Platinum clients via new systems such as Tally, Syft, & DryRun

  • Platinum members will have access to more robust project management tools and administrative services.

  • Newsletters with helpful tips on QuickBooks and other business matters will be emailed out regularly to all clients.

4. Our expertise & service offerings have expanded. Over the years we have poured time and effort into becoming better at our craft and we’re now offering a lot more assistance than ever before. We’ve hired more staff, received more industry certifications, and gained more software to increase efficiency and quality of service. We need to raise our rates in some areas to match that expertise and expanded support.

5. We’re spending more time on your work. Due to the ever-increasing need for compliance, we’re spending more time getting things done. In some cases, we’re staying within the scope, but in other areas, we’re seeing our time has increased. So we need to establish a new engagement agreed in order to clarify how much time and effort is within the scope of work that we’re doing, and what would constitute an overage. Ideally, we’d prefer to simply upgrade your service package if the increased hours and effort have been sustained for a while. This way you won’t be surprised by any overages. However, we can’t always anticipate when you’ll need the extra support, and sometimes it’s just a one-off situation.

What Else Will Change?

  • The Liscio communication platform will be phased out in January 2023. Instead of getting notifications from Liscio, you’ll start receiving notifications from Qount. The notifications you receive from Qount in your email will give you more insights to what the discussion is about, and an easier way to interact with the message, while still keeping things secure. All previous communications and files in Liscio will be transferred to the new Qount system for your convenience. HubDoc will still be used for email forwarding us your information. You’ll also receive a 3rd option to use the new Secure Upload link which goes directly into Qount. Qount provides a great folder tree structure and many other great features including SMS text messaging and more.

  • The sales receipts from Ignition and/or Intuit will be replaced by the Qount emailed receipts which will also be visible and manageable in the new portal.

  • Out-of-Scope charges are to be added to 2nd invoice

  1. We will establish what we consider to be your typical in-scope total hours per month

  2. Hours and services that are done out of the scope of your engagement will be added to an additional invoice that is separate from your monthly billing and will be in addition to your monthly billing when additional time and service are requested and performed for you.

  3. You’ll have 15-day terms on these out-of-scope invoices so that we can discuss and review them.

  4. You will be able to use your payment information on file to pay at out of scope charges.

How often will I receive an engagement?

  • You will receive a new engagement annually that reconfirms our services and fees. You will also receive a new engagement if we need to make any changes to our services—such as upgrading or adding additional services. The terms of engagement will still be month to month, meaning that can still cancel any month and will not be locked into an annual contract. We just want to establish how we will be working together each year in case there are changes to make.

  • Will I receive an engagement for each business I own?

  • Yes, you will receive a new engagement for each business and or personal file that we do your bookkeeping for.

Will anything change in the way invoices are paid?

  • Starting December 1st, you’ll need to enter your payment details into our new engagement tool’s secure payment gateway. You can enter this before Dec 1st and you won't be charged again until then.

  • You will still be charged on the 1st day of each month thereafter. Once you’ve updated your payment info and set up your login to the new system, you have the ability to see the invoices you’ve paid via the new system, change your payment info on file with us, and make self-service changes on your own.

  • Out-of-Scope Change, order invoices will be sent out mid-month for any out-of-scope work we’ve performed beyond the hours that are in your agreement. These out-of-scope hours will be billed out at $75 per hour. You’ll receive 15-day terms to pay these invoices. You can use the payment information stored on file to pay these one-off invoices. If payment is not received within the 15-day terms we will reserve the right to pause service until we’ve come to a resolution.

What's Staying the Same?

  • You will still be charged monthly on the 1st for your current subscription package

  • You can still book video chat support with us by scheduling a time in the website link under schedule. First come first served so book ahead of time or set up a re-occurring meeting if you want to stay consistent.

  • We still only meet with you if the time is scheduled on our calendar

  • HubDoc will continue to be used for forwarding us information with your custom email address.

  • QuickBooks and all connected applications to QuickBooks will remain intact

Next Steps:

  • If you are okay with these changes and would like to continue working together:

    1. Read and sign the updated engagement agreement proposal to be emailed in the next day or so.

    2. Ask any clarifying questions you may have.

    3. Wait for your invite to the new system, then log in and watch the video overview on the home page which will explain how the new system is going to work

  • If you disagree with these changes and don't want to continue working together:

    1. We totally understand if you’d prefer to take things in a different direction

    2. Please, send us a courtesy email or Liscio message to let us know.

    3. We want to make sure this shift goes as smoothly as possible for you, so we've lined up a referral Bookkeeping firm in case you want to transition away.

Again, we are so grateful for all of the trust you have put in us over the years. We look forward to continuing to work together!

We firmly believe that it’s a change for the better. If you do have any questions, as always, please feel free to contact us.

Grateful for you!


Andria Radmacher

A Bigger Bottom Line, LLC

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