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Don't go it alone

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

If you are not an accounting professional, and if you are not an expert in your accounting software, then you can easily interpret your accounting the wrong way and THINK that maybe something is being done wrong in your bookkeeping, even if it is not wrong.

I hope this is not the case for you.

Sadly, many business owners do this unintentionally. They think because they don't understand their books, that it must mean something is being done wrong in them.

But typically, the issue is, they just don't understand how accounting, bookkeeping, and QuickBooks works, and they simply have not made time to get the help they need to understand.

That's why you need a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Like me! :-)

That said, it is your job to MEET WITH ME, so I can give you this understanding so you are not left to do it alone.

I can't spend hours each day typing out emails to you hoping you will read my answers, hoping you will understand what I'm trying to tell you, and then having to repeat myself endlessly in email land if you don't.

However, I can meet with you one on one, to look specifically at over your data, and help you understand it, and ensure I'm giving you the right answers to the right questions you are trying to ask.

In our meetings we should be having, I can guide you on how double entry accounting and this QuickBooks software works to display your information so you don't think we are doing things wrong.

Most of the time, we are just missing feedback from you so things can get re-organized correctly.

If we meet regularly once a week to twice a month, things stay on track and get handled timely and all goes smoothly.

So then you can get some peace of mind from your bookkeeping.

But if you don't schedule meetings with us regularly, the complexity and questions pile up, they become harder and longer to answer via email, and the confusion and frustration builds.

We can't advise you if you don't meet with us. Which means you may LEAD YOURSELF down the wrong path of thinking, and get confused.

We can't save you from this, if you don't give us that opportunity. We also can't accept the blame for your own ignorance resulting from your inability to meet with us regularly and give us the proper feedback we are always asking for.

It is your job to MAKE TIME for financial meetings so you and your team can get the financial advise you need to read and interpret your financials correctly.

Understanding the difference between Cash basis and Accrual basis accounting, and how to submit information, is something all business owners & managers have to learn.

They also have to learn how to understand not only the Profit and Loss but also the Balance Sheet and how these accounts are affected and what the balance they are looking at means.

Until you have this understanding, you can very easily review financials the wrong way.

Even if they are being entered reasonably.

I am happy to give you my info, but I can't bare to do that if you don't make the time to meet with me.

So your mis-understanding is not our fault if you don't meet with us. Keep that in mind.

If you don't understand how accounting works and don't want to take the time to meet with me in order to LEARN how accounting works, or at least get the cliff notes on your own accounting and why things are the way they are, then you'll always fall victim to wanting to blame all this on someone, using the excuse that, "Nothing makes sense to me, so it must be wrong".

Well, if nothing makes sense to you, maybe ask yourself, "Did I ever take the time to learn about this?"

If you were trying to do brain surgery and you opened a medical book to learn how to do it in a few minutes, you too would likely say, "None of this makes sense to me!"

Because if you try to go do what only experts do with their level of training and experience, well, of coarse it won't make sense to you.

You are trying to go it alone, and you have not invested enough time into learning.

It takes years to become a master of something.

So let me be your master, and let me give you the guidance I have to offer to break it down in more simplistic terms so you better understand and so you and your team don't have to go it alone and get confused.

You'll have a better journey and you'll actually get somewhere instead of going it alone, and learning the hard way, and getting all confused and frustrated. We get it.

We do hope that if we work together that you will schedule regular meetings with us, so we can reduce the amount of email back and forth and actually get someone where with your bookkeeping.

It is our desire to serve you, and help you and your team get the answers you need to better run your company.

Hope to chat soon!

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